Monday, August 31, 2015


~ Released August 22, 2015 ~

Doug Carpenter, a new administrator, the third in four years, at Eastern Medical College Hospital, fights hospital power politics and physician greed while trying to provide a good setting for patient care. This combative scene forms a constant barrier to a successful, smooth-running operation and creates a threat to Doug's own position, but that's not all. A patient commits suicide. A drunk anesthesiologist kills a mother during an emergency delivery. Several patients are victims of an "angel of death." A patient is poisoned by an unscrupulous doctor. A union strike explodes. A female goon brutalizes two nurses. On top of all that, Doug''s wife is injured in a terroristic attack instigated by the pro-union forces. This all happens in only a matter of weeks, challenging Doug's every emotion, diplomatic expertise, morals and ethics.

About the cover from the author:

"I think it's perfect."
--William T. Delamar

Saturday, August 15, 2015


~ Released August 15, 2015 ~
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Shane Archer is solid, dependable and reliable while his younger brother, Rob, is reckless, selfish and unpredictable. Never close during their formative years, and further divided by distance in adulthood, they live disconnected lives until the corkscrew of life pits them on a collision course. They love, they laugh, they lose and with broken hearts and messed up lives they find strength in the women they love and in their family. Could each be the agent of salvation for the other, or will they be torn apart forever? A Muddy Red River traces the course of the lives of broken people who discover power to overcome adversity.

About the cover from the author:
"...thank you. Good work."
--D.A. Cairns


~ Released August 8, 2015 ~
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Humankind has spread like roaches across the universe thanks to the technology provided by a benevolent race known as the Trinz. Little did they know of the greed of humanity. A few pure souls began to dream of a paradise called Killanti, a new world where life could begin again. Jenni dreams of a man who passes through her dreams and into her bed. Together they embark on a quest for answers that leads them across the universe and into each other’s hearts. Can their love transport them to their own utopia?

About the cover from the author:
"I absolutely love it! I love the colour, the planets,the font. Everything! Thank you so much."
--Loretta Laird

Saturday, August 1, 2015


~ Released August 1, 2015 ~
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The Bamboo Heart is an emotional adventure of young love won and lost during an uncertain era in world history. Mary Bachelder has conducted a long and arduous search for her grandparent’s identities until she befriends Steven McGee, an elderly decorated fighter pilot suffering from post-traumatic depression. McGee reveals his recollections of three young lives separated through the Second World War and reunited inside a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Philippines. The releasing of his deepest memories brings serenity from the horrors he suffered and closure to Mary’s quest.

About the cover from the author:
"I think its scary that you can sense my style so quickly. Thank you... very nice!"
[artwork by Henry P. Gravelle; 
cover design by Designs by Ms. G]