Sunday, December 27, 2015


Six full-length novels 
that challenge conventional 
Perceptions of Love.


THE ROCK STAR: A reformed rock star and the outspoken virgin who changed his life get a second chance at love. 

THE BODYGUARD: A bookish psychiatrist reluctantly enlists the help of a sexy bodyguard when her ex-husband kidnaps her children. 

THE LEADER OF THE BAND: An aging rock star stages a comeback to win the heart of a beauty queen he has loved since they were teenagers.


~ Released December 15, 2015 ~

In the second of the Doc Jacobi series,
his visit to the town of Garrison Creek brings the Doc and his trusty Appaloosa, Bell, in contact with swindlers who have stolen a prize stallion.

About the cover from the author:
"I like them. Very eye catching. Again a great job!
Can't wait to post them."
--Henry P. Gravelle

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Released December 1, 2015

Running from demons, Alexandra McMurdie stumbles into Forbidden Ground where up is down and elements of nature are contested. Though a strong, independent woman in the twenty-first century, she is unprepared for life in the 1800s. Her first sight of the formidable James Lawrence makes her heart skip a beat, giving her cause to reconsider her desperate need to find a way home. 

Born with a silver spoon, James' life was torn apart during the War Between the States. Moving west he vows to put the life he once knew in the past. When he discovers a half-frozen woman near Gold Hill, his heart begins to thaw. His love for Alexandra and his need to keep her from a man who has pursued her through time might cost him his life as well as hers.

About the cover from the author:
"I like this cover. I really like the blues as well as the way the cloud drifts across the moon..."
--Christine Young

Monday, November 23, 2015


Published November 22, 2015
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The Reverend Oxford Christie is called to the nondenominational Church of the One Soul in Philadelphia. But...what happened to the congregation? No one has joined the church for many years. The previous minister's portrait is now hanging in the basement far from all eyes. Though there is a cemetery, there are no graves for the spouses of the remaining members. Something sinister has taken over the church. But those left behind won't talk about it. Angel, the church secretary, is clearly hiding something. Nehmi, the caretaker, lurks about, watching Ox's every move. Ammahn, a visitor, sneaks in and sits in the back pew, never talking to anyone. What is found in the deep recesses of this sanctuary will haunt you.
About the cover from the author:
"It's perfect. You are a real talent."
--William T. Delamar


Released November 15, 2015
Only 99 cents for a limited Time!

Life as a shape shifter is not as easy as it would seem, especially not for Abigail Staton. Being a teenager and a shape shifter is even harder, not to mention being one of the last remaining females in the two competing wolf clans and the only girl in her new schools. Striving to find where she belongs gets sidelined when an old threat to the wolves resurfaces. The clans are forced to come together in a semi-truce, and the already dominant males become even more controlling in trying to protect their own as well as their secret. Abby finds herself in the middle yet again, but this time she will need both clans to survive.
About the cover from the author:
"Okay you are awesome!!!!! I lov
e this version."
--Courtney Rene

Book 1 of this series also available

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Released November 8, 2015

Corporal Sam Deland has a lot on his plate. He's a dog lover, single dad, jet pilot, likes girls--and his tight-knit state police squad is buried under the weight of an unsolved brutal double murder that has stunned his quiet upstate community. The pressure mounts as Sam's team tracks the bad guys into Philadelphia's tough, gritty streets. The characters are the real story though, and with humor, hard work and luck, Sam’s team draws the reader's mind to unexpected and surprising places. Realistic police work with rich descriptive character and scene portrayal is carefully crafted into a story that you will not want to put down.

About the cover from the author:
"You nailed the Sam Deland image. I really like the general design thought. If I was looking for a book like mine I would be drawn to the first glance."
--Mike Fuller

Friday, September 25, 2015


~ Released September 25, 2015 ~
Only 99 cents for a limited time!

Doc Jacobi, a Civil War veteran surgeon, travels the territory serving medical assistance to towns between the Noel mountain range and Sessions River Indian territory. Along the way, the doc and his trusty Appaloosa named Bell encounter thieves, murderers and hustlers. In Black Knife, the Doc and Bell face two killers, renegade Indians and a rogue marshal. 

About the cover from the author:
"I like them. Very eye catching. Again a great job!"
--Henry P. Gravelle


~ Released September 22, 2015 ~
Only 99 cents for a limited time!

Julie Ayer's freshman year of high school ended horribly. Now Marcus Campbell must try to convince her to return to Seras to learn the secrets of Seras from the mysterious immortal, Redderick Bobo. Going back to Seras is the last thing on Julie's mind. She wants no part of Seras, or her teacher. What secrets does Redderick Bobo have to tell? Who were the Elders known as "The Five Lions of God"? Why is Julie Ayers the chosen savior of Seras? 

Only returning to the dreaded dimension will answer these questions and more for Julie. Can she bring herself to forgive Marcus, and return to Seras? The future of Seras and Earth depends on it.

About the cover from the author:
"This is great! Thank you so much for all of your work!"
--Joe Evener

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


~ Released September 15, 2015 ~
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Detective Corey Williams is content with his small town Virginia home. Normally, his busiest night is Saturday, but when his best friend’s ex-wife attempts to have him killed, Corey gives his promise to ensure justice is served. Meeting a red-haired, Harley riding goddess has thrown a wrench in his quiet staid life. Only one hiccup in this situation; the goddess is a reporter. When the ex-wife of his friend flees the country, the reporter makes sure she is right behind Detective Williams. He is oath bound to bring the fugitive ex-wife back for trial. What he hadn’t counted on was falling for the Harley riding reporter.

About the cover from the author:
"Again you have made magic. This is brilliant. Thank you."
C.L. Kraemer 

Front cover created using original artwork 
from the mother of C.L. Kraemer.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Released September 8, 2015

Marielle, single, restless and thirty-something is looking for a man. Can love compete with Fate? The problem is the man she desperately wants and needs is not interested in her. He was once, but ten years ago she threw away their chance of happiness. Together again, Marielle and Peter discover how they have both changed and how much they have in common. Their attraction for each other is intensified, but can their love be rekindled? Can they risk everything for love? Affairs of the heart prove to be no match for the darker powers of Fate as Marielle’s very survival hangs in the balance.

About the cover from the author:
"Love the pretty, dreamy cover. Great working with you..."
--Alicia Stone

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


~ Released September 1, 2015 ~

Is Allan Vickery alive or dead?

After being hit on the head by a golf ball, Vic himself isn't certain. It turns out he's comatose and what he learns while unconscious is life-changing when he awakens.

A man in mid-life crisis...

Struggling to keep his faltering marriage alive while attempting to become a recognized painter and still succeed at teaching high school art, his new ability becomes a volatile accelerant for issues that merely smoldered in the past.

In the resulting inferno...

Vic finds passion in the arms of a lover and riches in the world of high-stakes golf matches. Whether you know the game or not, you will be gripped by Vic's quest to answer the question...

How do you endure getting everything you wished for?

About the cover from the author:

"I can't tell you how happy I am with all you have done...As I told you up front, as soon as I went to your web site and looked at your work, I knew that with or without my input (because I didn't know you then to be so receptive to my ideas), you would come up with a socko cover. Well, you knocked it out of the park, Genene. Thank you so much for what you've done for me and my novel."

--Christopher Werkman

Monday, August 31, 2015


~ Released August 22, 2015 ~

Doug Carpenter, a new administrator, the third in four years, at Eastern Medical College Hospital, fights hospital power politics and physician greed while trying to provide a good setting for patient care. This combative scene forms a constant barrier to a successful, smooth-running operation and creates a threat to Doug's own position, but that's not all. A patient commits suicide. A drunk anesthesiologist kills a mother during an emergency delivery. Several patients are victims of an "angel of death." A patient is poisoned by an unscrupulous doctor. A union strike explodes. A female goon brutalizes two nurses. On top of all that, Doug''s wife is injured in a terroristic attack instigated by the pro-union forces. This all happens in only a matter of weeks, challenging Doug's every emotion, diplomatic expertise, morals and ethics.

About the cover from the author:

"I think it's perfect."
--William T. Delamar

Saturday, August 15, 2015


~ Released August 15, 2015 ~
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Shane Archer is solid, dependable and reliable while his younger brother, Rob, is reckless, selfish and unpredictable. Never close during their formative years, and further divided by distance in adulthood, they live disconnected lives until the corkscrew of life pits them on a collision course. They love, they laugh, they lose and with broken hearts and messed up lives they find strength in the women they love and in their family. Could each be the agent of salvation for the other, or will they be torn apart forever? A Muddy Red River traces the course of the lives of broken people who discover power to overcome adversity.

About the cover from the author:
"...thank you. Good work."
--D.A. Cairns


~ Released August 8, 2015 ~
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Humankind has spread like roaches across the universe thanks to the technology provided by a benevolent race known as the Trinz. Little did they know of the greed of humanity. A few pure souls began to dream of a paradise called Killanti, a new world where life could begin again. Jenni dreams of a man who passes through her dreams and into her bed. Together they embark on a quest for answers that leads them across the universe and into each other’s hearts. Can their love transport them to their own utopia?

About the cover from the author:
"I absolutely love it! I love the colour, the planets,the font. Everything! Thank you so much."
--Loretta Laird

Saturday, August 1, 2015


~ Released August 1, 2015 ~
BUY NOW from Rogue Phoenix Press

The Bamboo Heart is an emotional adventure of young love won and lost during an uncertain era in world history. Mary Bachelder has conducted a long and arduous search for her grandparent’s identities until she befriends Steven McGee, an elderly decorated fighter pilot suffering from post-traumatic depression. McGee reveals his recollections of three young lives separated through the Second World War and reunited inside a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Philippines. The releasing of his deepest memories brings serenity from the horrors he suffered and closure to Mary’s quest.

About the cover from the author:
"I think its scary that you can sense my style so quickly. Thank you... very nice!"
[artwork by Henry P. Gravelle; 
cover design by Designs by Ms. G]

Monday, July 27, 2015



In 1849’s famine-ravaged Ireland, thirteen-year-old Mary Boland is found lying mostly dead on the side of the road to Cork Harbor, Queenstown, Ireland. She just buried her mother and baby sister after they both died of starvation. Now she is headed for Boston to find her father— no matter what. Raped and beaten by the evil crew of The Pilgrim’s Dandy, she is rescued by a fifteen-year-old Negro slave who had been used in like manner for some time and had vowed to throw himself to the sharks that very night. Together they survive the harrowing two and a half month trip, helping others as well. Their friendship is the key to the new world for both of them, carrying them through hardships and trials, and eventually to happiness.

About the cover from the author:
"The cover is perfect now!"
--Jeanne Charters

Sunday, July 12, 2015


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~ Released July 10, 2015 ~
Avid naturalist, hunter and birder, Mr. Gerety has constructed a tale of two people who meet briefly then are reunited after death in a place and time other than the one they have always known. In this unfamiliar and pristine environment, his characters find each other, leaving behind their years of professional education and training as well as a lifetime of modern urban assumptions to assume lives of hunters, nomads, lovers and parents in a world emptied of all other people.

About the cover from the publisher:

"This is a go. I love it."


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~ Released July 8, 2015 ~
What would you do if your favorite novel suddenly became a reality? What would you do if the handsome main character of that novel fell in love with you? During a trip to Paris with her friends, nineteen-year-old Emma King walks through an antique mirror and into the embrace of Ehrich de Natois, the mysterious main character of her favorite novel. Unfortunately, whether in books or real life, living happily ever after just doesnt happen. Emma realizes this when she is pulled into the "in between;" a place between dimensions, a place much darker and more surreal than she could ever imagine.

About the cover from the author:

"I sure love the picture...Looked beautiful. 
Lots of compliments."

--Fay Simon


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~ Released July 1, 2015 ~
The story tells of Len, a miner; his wife Emily; two sons, Jimmy and Arthur; and twin daughters Grace and Ellen. A mining accident leaves Len and Jimmy jobless, and to make ends meet, Emily has to work. The Great War sees the young ones enlist and heartbreak when one is reported missing. A young doctor appears after the war is over and sees the family through an unpleasant experience. Grace has a dream that has always with her. Will it come true? Will she achieve her ambition? She moves to London to find out where she meets people who wish to help but setbacks depress her. However, unforeseen forces are building to help her.

About the cover from the author:

"The illustrations are perfect -- 
exactly as I would like them."

--Sheila M. Sharpless

Thursday, June 25, 2015


~ Released June 25, 2015 ~

Clare and Trevi made their way through a portal to get back to Earth. Instead, they find themselves on a dying world as a mysterious mist closes in. Trevi’s scarred twin brother, Celi, has accompanied them. He meets a female magician called Fane, who has been an outcast just like him. In this world only men are magicians and they believe her existence is the cause for the mist. Fane and Trevi learn to trust and eventually love each other as they fight to find a way to save the world. There are people who want Fane dead and to use her to get off the dying world, but Celi will use all his powers as a vampire to stop them.

About the cover from the author:
"I love it. I really appreciate that you have paid so much attention to what I mentioned."
--Maggie Mundy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


for a limited time

What would you do if you had the opportunity to travel back in time? 
Make a difference...or make money?

When ex-SEAL team leader, Tar Kyler is hired by an elite cartel to strong-arm a physicist who has created a time machine, the plan backfires and he becomes the scientist’s protégé. With only months to live, he has to teach Kyler everything he knows as well as ironing out a few issues. When the old man dies of cancer, Tar hides the time machine from the Cartel and they have to deal with him from now on. Although he does undertake several missions for the Cartel, Kyler refuses to put women and children in harm’s way which alters plans--and he also has a few agendas of his own. Who he recruits to assist him, how he does what he is hired to do, and also wants to do, modifies the past, present and future.

About the cover from the author: 
"Awesome! The only thing that can make it better is to actually have a book to put it on."
--Jocko Lee

Monday, June 15, 2015


Released June 10, 2015
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Elemental Seduction Book Two

Mirah burns to lay claim to a new discovery but shortly after she arrives, a handsome threat appears. He is hot and mysterious, a combustible mixture that threatens to consume her body and soul.

About the cover from the author:
"Wonderful! I can't wait..."
 for the book to be released.
--McKinzie S. Heart

Also available:
Elemental Seduction Book One