Friday, January 15, 2016


Released January 15, 2016
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Widow Barbara Langley and her best friend, Rachel, journey to Tampa, Florida. Years earlier, Barbara left broken-hearted. She returns with her newly surgicized body to mend her grieving spirit. Can she juggle an old love who reappears and the younger man who desires her, or will she choose to return to the Northwest still single?

About the cover from the author:
Absolutely love the cover…You did it again! 
--C.L. Kraemer


Released January 8, 2016
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Mystery, history, and war. Lost Prince transports the reader from pre-Hispanic 16th century Peru to the modern Peru of today.

Garrick Connolly, young American war veteran, struggling with his experiences from Afghanistan, learns of the "legend of the cave," the final resting place of the Lost Prince, during a visit to Peru. For centuries, sealed up inside a cliff face in one of the deepest canyons on earth, the mummified remains of Yahuar Huaccac, priest of the Incas, young man of noble birth, has stood lonely vigil over the gleaming antiquities from an Incan temple.
Through the towering Andes Mountains, Garrick follows the clues left behind by Yahuar Huaccac and unlocks the ancient mystery.
Author's note: "There is an actual 'legend of the cave' in an Andean valley I am very familiar with. A cave in a soaring cliff face is sealed up with a black stone. I don't know what is inside."

About the cover from the author:
Looks terrific! I’m really pleased with it. 
--Gregory Gourlay


Released January 1, 2016
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Reverend Oxford Christie visits a patient in a strange nursing home, one of a number owned and operated by The Group, Inc. Its profit far exceeds that of the typical nursing home, and patients seem to disappear. The state’s system of nursing home inspections is deeply flawed to the extent that severe and continued abuse easily goes unchecked. The Group, Inc. becomes aware of Christie’s nosing around and orders are given to do whatever is necessary to stop his snooping. Ox, aware that he is being watched, is torn between the possible danger to his wife and children and the suspicion that the incredible abuse of helpless patients is even worse than what’s been observed.

It looks perfect. 
--William T. Delamar