Saturday, October 15, 2016


Released October 1, 2016

The action revolves around the death of a famous musician, who hits the pavement outside Carnegie Hall from the window of his apartment seven stories up. He has recorded keyboard versions of a lost opera by Claudio Monteverdi, the man who “invented” opera. Set in New York, London and Venice, action includes a kidnapping, drug use, prostitution, LGBT characters, one character who comes back from the dead, and three classic New York detective characters led by Hugo Miller.


Released September 15, 2016

August Nightingale, in late middle age, has had little success with relationships--and not much meaningful satisfaction in the world of work. Abruptly deciding to “leave it all behind,” he embarks on a snowy road trip to visit Civil War battlefields in Pennsylvania. His journey becomes one of self-realization. A mishap on the highway, the kindness of his beautiful neighbor, Sarah (who helps him to convalesce), and the friendly people of Aurora change his life and his heart. This mature romance novel shows that it is never too late to find happiness, to experience meaningful love, when souls are honest and open to the truths of human experience.


Released August 8, 2016

Sel and Hol Danner, identical twin brothers who can exchange thoughts without actually speaking, grow up together in Frederick, Maryland. When the American Civil War breaks out, they separate for the first time in their lives. Sel fights for the North because he hates slavery. Hol fights for the South because it's "home." Cora Dee Soyer, who loves them both, can't pray for either side because that would be praying against one of the boys. The boys discover they can no longer think to each other until the two sides meet at the Battle of the Monocacy at their home town. Brother against brother is real and reflects actual history. The changes in their lives reflect the massive transformation in all lives during this period of American history. It's as though the world is turned upside down with things never being as they were.


Released June 1, 2016

The French are out and causing havoc. Along the western colonial frontier in 1753 Ben Deland is on the edge of the conflict and finds himself in a life and death struggle to survive Indians, pirates and murderers. This young hunter, scout and ship’s captain has assembled a crew of loyal and capable men to help him face the perils of wilderness mountains and the dangers of the high seas. Ben foils an Indian attack and rescues victims of French Indian terror in the New York wooded hills. He then brings his sleek Bermuda sloop and crew down the Hudson to sea only to fall in love with a surprise passenger and be forced to defend his ship and true love from a deadly pirate attack and a pitched battle with French warships.


Released May 15, 2016

Fredric is a reluctant incubus with a traumatic past: the accidental death of his first lover as he fed earned him a powerful enemy among the shapeshifting naga. 

Forced to consume sexual pleasure in order to survive, Fred has spent centuries preying on women’s dreams from hiding, until he finally fell in love.

Now the ancient vendetta resurfaces in the form of a curse, forcing Fredric out of the shadows.  He must fight to save his beloved from the fatal consequences of his own admiration.  Can he find a way for the woman of his dreams to survive their love?


Released May 8, 2016

April is in love with Connor Richardson--her first real love. He looks after her and is a real gentleman. April is enjoying all the attention he is giving her and she knows he isn’t like other boys. She is learning how to act in a relationship and around his loyal friends. She knew his friends were important but didn’t understand just how loyal Connor could be…until someone she knows is in hospital fighting for his life. April has to make some tough choices, and she understands just why some people compare love to war.