Sunday, July 12, 2015


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~ Released July 1, 2015 ~
The story tells of Len, a miner; his wife Emily; two sons, Jimmy and Arthur; and twin daughters Grace and Ellen. A mining accident leaves Len and Jimmy jobless, and to make ends meet, Emily has to work. The Great War sees the young ones enlist and heartbreak when one is reported missing. A young doctor appears after the war is over and sees the family through an unpleasant experience. Grace has a dream that has always with her. Will it come true? Will she achieve her ambition? She moves to London to find out where she meets people who wish to help but setbacks depress her. However, unforeseen forces are building to help her.

About the cover from the author:

"The illustrations are perfect -- 
exactly as I would like them."

--Sheila M. Sharpless

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