Thursday, March 30, 2017


Genre: Young Adult/Dystopian
from Rogue Phoenix Press
The author will be awarding an ebook copy of one of his titles to one randomly drawn commenter. 

A sound at the door steals my attention. I wait for Gacheru to enter but nothing happens. On the floor underneath the door, an envelope sticks halfway into the room. I pick it up and work my fingers underneath the sealed flap and run my fingers the entire length.
The note reads,
Please put the twenty-five billion back.
I sit on the bed as the weight of the words hits me. Nothing in the words themselves denotes any kind of emotion. Except for maybe the "please." Still, a cursory reading initiates a panic attack in my body. A brown bag sits on the floor. I roll off the bed, hitting the floor hard. I pull the bag to my face, scrunch my body to the fetal position, and rock and breathe…

5 Stars
From the first page the reader is dumped right into the action. This book is full of suspense and action and moves along very quickly. Well done, Mr. McClain. I highly recommend this book.
– Courtney Bears

4.5 Stars
From the first page, the reader is thrust into Dakarai’s high anxiety, speechless world. The entire novel moves at a thrilling neck breaking speed. Even when The Coterie Declaration ends the reader know it’s not over.  
– Tamara White

4.5 Stars
The Coterie Declaration begins with the action-packed FBI pursuit of Dak after he attempts to hack into a major redistribute money to charitable intuitions and organizations; a somewhat modern-day Robin Hood...sentenced to a so-called rich-kid reform school, he soon becomes a pawn in a sinister plot...Dak comes into connection with several characters...all of whom have secrets and pieces of the puzzle Dak needs to figure out what is going on. The action and intrigue continues at a fast pace...The reader empathizes with the young not only survive, but to put a stop to the secret plans of the Coterie Declaration.  
– J.C.
Author Bio
Richard C. McClain II, "The Storyteller"—an advocate of imagination and a deliverer of truth through creative writing. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Richard is one of five children who was taught to dream and believe that anything is possible. This thought premise inspired Richard to pursue the creative arts through music, theatre and writing. Richard later became a pastor, where from the pulpit he used his storytelling abilities to bring the word to life in the hearts of the congregation. Richard is the husband of Sharon, and father of Nicholas, Nicola, Nathan, Natalie, and Nadia. He has had the privilege of honing his storytelling craft and understands the balance between imagination, fantasy, and real life.

"Consider this, before the story is ever heard, it is active, pulsating, and full of passion. It needs but the storyteller to tell it."



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