Thursday, May 11, 2017


I've designed a lot of book covers, most of them for Rogue Phoenix Press. (Thank you, RPP, for giving me the opportunity to do something I love!) I so much enjoy working with authors to come up with a design that conveys their story in one cover image. 

We're doing some work with older books right now, which has triggered memories of great stories I've read and fun I've had working with authors. So in addition to featuring newer releases on this blog, I will occasionally feature an older cover. Hope you enjoy!

This week's featured throw-back-Thursday cover is 
Helping Hand for Ethan. 

I also read this book and rated it with something I seldom do--five stars! This is one of those rare stories that evokes an incredibly peaceful, satisfied feeling every time I think about it. It's labeled "young adult"--not exactly my age range! Yet I have enjoyed a number of young adult books. Perhaps because I've become a prudish old woman and there's an innocence to these stories unlike the no-holds-barred language and situations of other books. Yet this story deals with tough life situations. With tragedy. With risk. And, finally, with believing when there is no logical reason to believe. 

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